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911 calls reveal chaos after school bus wreck

The scene of the overturned school bus. The scene of the overturned school bus.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - You can hear the screams of children in the background of 911 calls made after JCPS bus 1250 collided with a car carrying three Butler High School students.

Caller: Somebody's ran into and flipped a school bus on Lower River Road and Moorman.

911: Somebody's what?

Caller: They flipped a school bus. They ran into it and flipped it.

Dispatchers took about 12 calls that morning and at first had issues finding the intersection of Lower River Road and Moorman Road because the dispatcher said she was spelling Moorman incorrectly.

911: Okay. Where is this at?

Caller: Lower River Road and Moorman.

911: Lower River Road and Moorman?

Caller: Yes. Right in front of Moorman Landing.

911: Okay. I don't have Lower River Road. I've got, let me see if I've got River Road. Stay with me.

Dispatchers also indicate they were getting calls the wreck was actually about 2 miles down the road where Lower River Road turns into Watson Lane, something they clarified when the bus compound called in.

 911: Can you have the driver verify?

Caller: Yeah. Hold on. It's Lower River and Moorman

In total, 51 students in total were taken to the hospital, but at the time of the calls it was hard to tell how many.

911: Were there any kids on the bus?

Caller: Oh yeah. They're all climbing (inaudible)

911: How many kids are on the bus?

Caller: Uh. Let's see. I'd say 20 or so.

911: Okay. We've already got them on the way. Is there any serious injuries sir?

Caller: Well the Mustang that collided with them is destroyed so I don't know if they're hurt or not. It looks like somebody's still in the car.

911: Okay. So we think there's somebody trapped in the Mustang?

Luckily though everyone who needed help that day was released from the hospital with injuries that will heal.

JCPS Chief Operating Officer Michael Raisor said he believes the school system did the best job possible with the information they were given. However, he says the system is already looking into a system that sends a text message or voicemail to parents in similar situations in the future.

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