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South Oldham on the Rise

The Dragons of South Oldham are starting to turn their program around this season going 6-1 under third year coach Jamie Reed. 

"They started off a little bit rough when I first got here in spring practice, we were wandering if this was the right choice we made and those guys are steadily growing the last three seasons," Reed said.

One of those guys is Jack Sherry, a three year starter at Quarterback.

Sherry explained, "It's just great because a couple of us are three year starters and have seen the progression of the program so far, we were 7-4 and 6-5 and we couldn't get past that first round of the playoffs and that's our biggest goal this year."

"Jack Sherry is an outstanding kid, you know it's not often a coach gets a 6'5 225 pound kid that has a 4.3 GPA and a 33 ACT, and we're just blessed because Jack is a total athlete," Reed said. 

Jack doesn't just play quarterback for the Dragons, he's also considered a modern day Paul Hornung.

Reed went on to say, "He punts, kicks field goals, and quarterbacks and he could probably do some other things but we thought we'd stop at that."

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