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Nelson County food bank van stolen out of parking lot

The vandalized van. The vandalized van.
Joyce Morris Joyce Morris

NEW HOPE, KY (WAVE) – A Nelson County food bank is missing a crucial necessity because of thieves. Last month we first reported teenage boys in Bardstown were caught after stealing nine cars. Investigators say it appears one of those autos belonged to the New Hope Food Bank.

"It was critical," said Joyce Morris, New Hope Food Bank volunteer. "We really needed that van."

The New Hope Food Bank van is now missing a door, the windshield is busted, and dirt is throughout. It was news that outraged Morris.

"We had to pay $500 and then some to have the van towed, which is now totaled," said Morris. "You can't use it."

Back in September, Bardstown Police caught three juveniles they say stole nine autos during a three week time span. Police say they would search businesses and homes for unlocked cars, use them to get from one part of town to the other and then ditch the car in an isolated area.

Around that the same time, the New Hope Food Bank Van was taken out of the parking lot. The keys were kept in a side pocket inside the van.

The Nelson County Sheriff's Office says they believe at least one of the juveniles charged in the Bardstown case, previously worked at the food bank.

"That's what we do," said Morris. "We take in people that have been arrested or need to do things for church, school, they get to come in here and we give them hours."

The sheriff's office says while they haven't been able to positively link them to this case, it appears that's what happened.

As for the food bank, the van- which only carried liability insurance, was their source not only to pick up and deliver food, but also to transport cardboard they collected to recycling plants. This was a way they made extra money to help keep the charity going.

The Nelson County Sheriff's Office is still actively investigating this case and they ask if you have any information that could help them to give them a call at 502-348-1840.

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