Recovery Continues In Eminence One Month After Tornado

By Frances Kuo

(EMINENCE, Ky., June 27th, 2004, 11:00 p.m.) -- One month ago, a tornado tore through the town of Eminence, Kentucky. Damage remains and time hasn't healed all wounds. But as WAVE 3's Frances Kuo reports, residents there stand strong and are determined to get their community back on its feet.

Bit by bit, Eminence is laughing again

"I turned to the boys and said get under your blankets, get under your pillows and just hold on to each other," said LeeAnn Armstrong, an Eminence resident.

After a tornado devastated the peace of this small town.

"I think when that kind of devastation comes through, if it didn't hit your house, you just count your blessings and not take things for granted," said resident Andy Capps.

Residents take comfort in simple tasks ... to resume the routines of before.

"I am cutting the limb out of the way so the boys here won't bump their head," Capps.

One month later, the town of Eminence is striving to leave its past behind, but the impact will leave permanent scars on its foundation for the future.

"I remember it, I'll always remember that, my children will always remember that," said Armstrong.

Residents will never forget the tornado, nor the meaning of home.

"We'll always be here, I wouldn't move out of this small town for anything," said Armstrong.

Residents say their biggest challenge right now is rebuilding their homes and waiting for insurance companies to pay for the damage.

Eminence was declared an official disaster area. That makes residents eligible for federal assistance.

Online Reporter: Frances Kuo

Online Producer: Charles Gazaway