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Amazon's newest distribution center open for business

Cars filled the parking lot on Wednesday. Cars filled the parking lot on Wednesday.
The distribution center. The distribution center.

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Two-thousand people are ready to get to work now that Amazon's newest distribution center is getting ready to start shipping. It's the latest warehouse to go up in the River Ridge complex on Highway 62 in Jeffersonville, a stretch of road that isn't the same old country route it once was.

Traffic on Highway 62 in Jeffersonville is only going to get heavier now that Amazon has opened its gigantic new distribution center. "For right now they're running two shifts between 600 and 800 employees per shift," said Mayor Mike Moore.

That doesn't count the extra 300 to 500 semis coming by as well. The city has widened turn lanes and added in new stop lights. It's enough for Paul Fisher who has a front row seat to the growth at River Ridge from the home he's lived in for 60 plus years. "I think it's going to be good for our area out here. It's going to be a lot more jobs ."

Since the beginning of the year, Mayor Moore says they've created 2300 hundred jobs just in Jeffersonville and with nearly 6000 acres right next door to Amazon left to develop the question is what else could be coming to town? "We definitely need a gas station or two and fast food restaurants up this way," said Mayor Moore.

He said those would only be ancillary though. He believes Amazon is a sign of what's to come, saying they are in talks with some companies who have interest in the land nearby,  but won't be specific. "I'd like to see something significant here in the next couple of months. That's a wish I have."

Of course that'll mean even more vehicles clogging up Highway 62.

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