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71 years gets man 71 days

James Boone (Source: NBC) James Boone (Source: NBC)

CINCINNATI, OH (NBC) - An Ohio judge has sentenced a man to 71 days in jail for a beating -- one day for each year his 71-year-old victim has been alive.

The judge said the trouble started when 31-year-old James Boone was driving too fast in a Cincinnati neighborhood full of kids.

"Right up there I heard tires squealing, and I looked up and he's right out here burning tires right beside them kids, and when he come up here, I told him to knock that bull off. He said, 'What'd you say?'" said victim Carl Day. "I said 'Knock it off.' He jumped out of the car and started punching me."

Witnesses said they saw Boone punch Day, who was carrying an armload of groceries, several times.

Boone was arrested and charged with assault, but as part of an agreement with prosecutors, he pleaded guilty to attempted assault.

"He tried to grab my cane away and take it from me, and I wouldn't let him have it," Day said. "That's when he got me on the ground because I have to have a hip transplant. I couldn't stand up."

The judge sentenced him Monday to 71 days and ordered the sheriff's office not to release him early.

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