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April 14, 2012


It may seem too soon to apply tough love when you have a newborn, but sometimes it's the well wishers who need guidance. Friends and family may want to brush up on their "baby etiquette" to help keep moms, dads and infants healthy and comfortable. For tips on keeping your baby safe from germs visit RSVprotection.com.


Standardized Tests

The public and many national leaders were shocked when an investigation of the Atlanta School system revealed widespread cheating on standardized tests, affecting as many as 44 schools and 180 teachers. Now, the newspaper that broke the scandal has taken its investigation to a national level, and has released its findings in an in-depth report of other major school systems around the country. Kevin Riley, Editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, explained the important findings of this expanded investigation, what it means to other major school systems and to our national education system. 


How I Got my Wiggle Back

Anthony Field (member of the Wiggles) talks about his new book, How I Got my Wiggle Back. The book is the dramatic personal story of Anthony Field, founder and costar of the world's most popular children's musical group, The Wiggles. With their distinctive look, catchy music, and upbeat message, the Wiggles have performed their way into the hearts and homes of millions of kids and their parents around the world. Their extraordinary success over the last twenty years includes TV shows, the sale of tens of millions of CDs and DVDs, and sell-out live performances for a million people annually as well as honors including being named UNICEF goodwill ambassadors. Now, for the first time, Anthony Field, the "blue" Wiggle, tells his inspiring, behind-the-scenes story of how he overcame depression, life-threatening illness, and chronic pain to get his life back.


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