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Former Fourth Street Live! security supervisor speaks with WAVE 3

John Michaels John Michaels

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A former security supervisor from Fourth Street Live! is speaking exclusively to WAVE 3. Last week, we reported there was still some debate over the venue's dress code. There's no question, the fight over the dress code at Fourth Street Live has been going ever since the entertainment complex opened.

John Michaels says he was a contracted security supervisor at Fourth Street Live! from 2007 to 2009.

He says with his job he assisted at the check points, escorted celebrities and helped police. Michaels says he's seen it all and is speaking out about the alleged bias in the venues dress code.

"I witnessed it, I turned good people away," said Michaels. "The black male and black female were targeted more because they associate that with gang violence." 

In late August, a crowd packed a community meeting with The Cordish Company, the owners of Fourth Street Live! to give them an earful about their experiences. Community Activist Christopher 2x, a member of Connected Voices, says the Vice President of Cordish, Zed Smith, reached out to him on last week saying after that meeting in August, Fourth Street Live would be changing its dress code after concerns of racial discrimination.

But, Cordish told WAVE 3 last week that nothing about their dress code was changing.     

Michaels says he agrees, there should be a dress code. He says with baggy clothing a weapon could be hidden. But, says it's unfair to target anyone for the way they look.

"They are trying to target that demo and keep them out you know," said Michaels. "Not everyone is in a gang and not everyone is packing a weapon."

Christopher 2X of Connected Voices says they will continue their engagement with The Cordish company to bring change with the venue.

General Manager of Fourth Street Live! Mike Leonard, released the following statement;

"Dress codes are a recommended best practice by police departments and liquor agencies throughout the United States. Consistent with these recommendations, the dress code is only in effect when alcohol is being served and the property is operating as a night club. Fourth Street Live! uses a third party, respected national company for its security and dress code application, and of course, demands the dress code be applied fairly and in a uniform manner. Any statement otherwise is false.  Fourth Street Live! is proud to be the most visited destination in the State of Kentucky welcoming over 4.5 million visitors every year."

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