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Bridge shut down for oversized load

State Trooper David Miller State Trooper David Miller

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Sherman Minton Bridge closed down for a short time on Wednesday morning.

You may have seen super-load trucks shutting down the bridge from time to time so WAVE followed one and found why they had to shut it down.

As it turned out, a super load coming in to Indiana forced the bridge to close down for the safety of the bridge and the safety of drivers.    

State Trooper David Miller said it's protocol to shut down the bridges for super-loads, "Protection of the bridge, you know so there's not a whole lot of different weights on the bridge and the way it bounces or the way it moves."

The super load was a mold machine heading to Seymour, Indiana.

A super load is classified as anything over 200,000 pounds. When traveling across Indiana bridges they are required to go 10 miles an hour.

When the bridge is cleared, drivers can hit the pedal again. Meanwhile the super loads begin their inspection.

Miller explained, "It's usually five to 10 minutes. Then a motor carrier officer will do an inspection on the truck and their paperwork, their permits make sure they have everything."

Miller said they check the loads off duty, but the super loads' companies pay them to escort and to do the inspections.

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