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iPhone App helps police find burglary suspects

Carl Rutter Carl Rutter
Paula Allen Paula Allen
The items recovered by police. The items recovered by police.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Thanks to good detective work and an iPhone app, police say a husband and wife who broke into several homes are behind bars.

Police say it's not the first time Carl Rutter, 38, and his wife Paula Allen, 38, have been in trouble. Rutter was on home incarceration for burglary when he was picked up Wednesday after they stole phones equipped with an app to find them.

It's not an easy task trying to remember all the jewelry, phones and electronics you've bought for yourself and your family over the years. Especially when it's been stolen from your own home. It's what Cyndi Smith had to do Thursday afternoon at the Saint Matthews Police Department. With tears in her eyes she explained "it's so upsetting to have someone break in."

Saint Matthews Police Detective Tony Ford quickly interrupted to tell Smith she and her family are okay. "The main thing is for you to understand burglars when they go into a home they're looking for an empty house, well an unoccupied house," Ford told Smith. "They are caught. They are done. So you are safe."

Smith told Ford how fast they were at making that happen, but police have to give some of the credit to her. "I've never been handed something with so much detail," said Ford about Smith's GPS iPhone App. "Every one of our Apple devices I have attached to that. It's a good way for me to keep up with where my kids are when they have their phones. I never thought I'd have to use it to locate stolen property."

While collecting her laptops, phones and kid's jewelry Smith said it's something she is now recommending to everyone. But as she cleared her things from the police station, there is still plenty left, including some sentimental items, like a 1954 class ring with the initials I-G-F and documents, rolled up in a cardboard tube labeled family. They are dated from the 1970s and appear to be from Japan. One has the name Melvin L. Yong written in the middle.

Police hope it's only a matter of finding who they belong to and handing them back.

If you've been burglarized, St. Matthews Police recommends you call the agency you filed your report with when the items were stolen. They said officers from Louisville Metro police to Jeffersontown to Graymoor-Devondale and many others are working together to get the items back to the rightful owners.

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