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WAVE 3 Editorial – October 4, 2012: Local Options

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

Louisville boasts some of the lowest energy and health care costs in the nation. The city is undertaking now the largest development of parks in the nation.

With GE, Ford and UPS, Louisville is the envy of many. But Louisville is one of only 16 of the top 100 cities in the country that does not have the option of a local sales tax to fund projects. Consequently, growth is slower than peer communities that have that option.

Mayor Greg Fisher will lead a delegation of more than 100 business and community leaders in a few weeks to Oklahoma City. They'll see firsthand the possibilities of a city that has the local sales tax option.

Only half of all of the tax dollars sent from Louisville to Frankfort come back so having a local option would not only help Louisville but the entire state.

To even get that option requires a constitutional amendment and that can only happen if the Kentucky legislature permits it to come to a statewide vote and they can only address constitutional issues in even calendar years.   So it will take some time to happen.

Ultimately, voters will not only decide whether to give Louisville that option but the people in Louisville will then decide whether to even allow it. That will determined by the specific projects earmarked for consideration at that time.

The option is needed to compete on a more even playing field with peer cities.

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