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Harsher penalties signed into law in Indiana target synthetic drugs

Synthetic drugs Synthetic drugs

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Several big names in Indiana met today to announce a new initiative aimed at taking synthetic drugs—like bath salts and spice—off the shelves of local stores.

These types of drugs and the stores that sell them have been the target of several WAVE 3 troubleshooter investigations. Now, Indiana is moving to impose harsher penalties on those responsible for the distribution of the drugs. Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller, Clark County Prosecutor Steve Stewart, and Clark County Sheriff Daniel Rodden made the announcement of a new law on October 4, 2012.

According to the new Indiana state law, stores caught selling the drugs face penalties including the loss of their retail certificates of business for one year. They also must bear the cost of court and laboratory testing of the substances by the state.

Synthetic drugs are made to mirror the highs associated with marijuana or cocaine. The packaging is labeled "not for human consumption," but the products are often taken orally, inhaled or injected.

Authorities say the problem with laws targeting these drugs thus far is by the time they have been bought by undercover officers and tested at the lab, the manufacturers of the substances have changed their chemical makeup.

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