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Cat, three kittens tossed over embankment

The mother of the kittens. (Source: WLEX) The mother of the kittens. (Source: WLEX)

CORBIN, KY (WAVE) - A group of Corbin residents did all they could to try to save three kittens tossed over an embankment and left to die.

Tuesday, Ray Dozier was walking his dog when he heard meowing coming from a patch of weeds.

He said because it was dark and rainy he went and got his neighbors to help him figure out what the sound was.

What they found was kittens, "In a little blue box, they'd just tossed them," Dozier said.

Neighbor Josh Mason remembered, "As soon as we came back to the bank we heard one, probably give its last breath to scream."

Someone had tossed three kittens and their mother over an embankment.

They took the kittens home where one of them died that night.

The two others died the next day at the Knox Whitley County Animal Shelter where neighbor Denise French took them for help. Then she received more sad news from staff there.

"She thought maybe they'd ingested something or had been given something, maybe antifreeze, yea, she mentioned that," explained French.

The mother of the kittens is the only one that survived.

Dozier said, "I pay $60 every two weeks for dog food.  If I can do that, they can take them to the animal shelter." Instead, they were just tossed out like trash.

French said she did not file a police report; she was only worried about nursing the kittens back to health.

If you do know anything about the crime, you are asked to call Kentucky State Police at (502) 782-1800.

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