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Residents living without power: 'I want my electric back on'

Sandra Garrett. Sandra Garrett.
Cords pulled to help supply power to the building. Cords pulled to help supply power to the building.
The part of the building hit by the car. The part of the building hit by the car.
Shauna Nation Shauna Nation

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Imagine living in an apartment with no power for several days. It is a reality that has become a silent nightmare for several families living in one Louisville apartment complex. The landlord told WAVE 3 the power was knocked out on September 24 after a car hit the building, knocking out the electrical boxes. Residents called WAVE 3 for help, saying they want answers and they want their electricity restored.

"When nighttime comes, we use the streetlights to get light into the house," said Sandra Garrett who is one of the people living without power to her apartment.

Garrett and every neighbor in her apartment complex along Beechbrook Road are living without electricity.

"It's upsetting. I mean, depressing, discouraged. I mean, you just can't live a normal daily life," she said.

Garrett can't watch television or cook meals in her home. The landlord is providing two generators that alternate between apartments, but they're turned off from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Garrett hasn't seen a generator since Wednesday.

"That leaves me with no telephone, no lights and then we have no hot water to even take showers," Garrett said.

A pile of debris at the corner of the building from the car wreck is part of the reason why there is no power.

Shauna Nation lives a few doors down and cooks with this outdoor grill. "I want my electric back on, you know?" Nation said. "No, I'm not angry with my landlord. He's down here every day. He's trying to find ways for us to have electricity."

Although he wouldn't go on camera, the landlord told WAVE 3's David Williams he didn't have an answer for residents. He explained that the car owner's insurance company will pay for the damage.

"We need some answers to this situation right now," Garrett said. She said she is also not angry with her landlord, "I would just like to know, when we will have electricity."

WAVE 3 made a few calls. Anna Rosales with the Red Cross told WAVE 3 the organization has helped 3 families since the incident and they are willing to help all of the families in the apartment building with their immediate emergency needs.

About the situation, LG&E spokesperson, Liz Pratt stated;

"We had to turn of service to the apartment complex to ensure the safety of the area after the vehicle stuck the property on September 24th. There was extensive electrical damage to the property that requires repairs by a licensed electrician. That is not our equipment, that's the property owner's equipment. There are several steps that must take place. We cannot restore power until repairs have been made by a licensed electrician. The repairs have to be inspected by a licensed Metro electrical inspector. From there, the inspector will notify us after the inspection that the repairs have been made properly and that's it's safe to restore service. It's truly an unfortunate situation, but our main priority is the safety and priority to the individual. If there's damaged equipment we can not restore service."

The landlord also told WAVE 3 there is an open apartment available across the street for residents to take hot showers and use hot water. The landlord said he is not charging rent during this time and that residents won't have to pay for their days without power. He also said residents are free to move if they choose.

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