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Videos of scene where 15-year-old murdered released

A bullet hole in Gregory Holt's room. A bullet hole in Gregory Holt's room.
Gregory Holt (Source: Kendra Wilson) Gregory Holt (Source: Kendra Wilson)
Kendra Wilson (Source: LMDC) Kendra Wilson (Source: LMDC)
James Mallory (Source: LMDC) James Mallory (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - New evidence released reveals how a 15-year-old boy was shot to death in his bedroom.

Video of the crime scene where Gregory Holt was killed was released on Friday.

On the tape, Willie Wilson, who spent time in prison with murder suspect James Mallory said, "He said they went in and kicked the door in and started shooting and the door was closed to the young man's room."

Mallory and two other men are accused of killing Holt in his bedroom of a Clover Lane apartment in April.

The video from Holt's bedroom shows numerous bullet holes through the walls and doors.

Wilson told detectives Mallory admitted to him that it was not Holt, but his mother who was the intended target, "He said that when he seen it on the news that somebody got killed out there at the apartment he said he called the girl's number and she answered the phone."

Holt's mother, Kendra Wilson, has since been charged with trying to kill Mallory the day before her son died.

In a prison interview earlier in 2012, Mallory told WAVE 3 that he did not kill Wilson's son.

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