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Firefighters warn about vacant house fires

The fire on St. Xavier damages two homes. The fire on St. Xavier damages two homes.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – It is especially dangerous in the fall and winter. Vagrants will enter an empty house and build a fire to keep warm.

The cause of the fire on St. Xavier Friday night has not been determined. Firefighters said the electricity was still on even though it was vacant. They said this is the time of the year when neighbors should be on alert.

"It started at this house, then it trickled over to our house. Our house was fine at first then it trickled over and started burning the other side of our house," Shaquan McDonald explained as he watched fire crews put of the fire at his house.

The house next door where the fire started was vacant. By the time neighbors noticed, the house was fully involved. The neighbor who lives across the street called 911.

"She said she looked out her window, she saw heavy fire blowing out the side door on the east side on the main fire building. That's where is communicated to the other house," said Lt. Col. Carroll Haueter, Louisville Fire Department.

"We heard a lot of banging, booming sounds. Sounded like grenades going off. The sound was so loud, it sounded like someone was knocking on our door. So we opened the door and checked it out and saw it was the house on fire across the street," said Emory Henderson who lives across the street.

In daylight you can see the damage. Firefighters said blazes in empty buildings often burn out of control because no one is present to report the problem. They said vacant buildings pose a greater risk than normal to adjacent property.

If you have a concern about an abandoned house in your neighborhood, you can report is to Metro Call at 311 or 574-1000.

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