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Boyfriend of woman killed on Minton bridge recalls crash

Russell Sholl Russell Sholl
The accident happened on the Sherman Minton Bridge. The accident happened on the Sherman Minton Bridge.

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - Thursday night, Russell Sholl and his girlfriend of three weeks were hit by a vehicle on the Sherman Minton Bridge while trying to put gas into her car. Sholl's girlfriend, Krista, was killed from the crash.

In excruciating pain, and after many sleepless nights, Sholl relives the horror he experienced Thursday night on the bridge. "One moment I'm putting gas in the tank because we ran out of gas on the Sherman Minton, and the next minute, I hear tires lock and bam!"

Sholl said he opened his eyes and the nightmare continued, "and I looked up, and I seen her and she just wasn't moving and she was 40 feet from the car. I knew it was bad, I knew it was bad, I knew she was dead or was going to die."

Sholl said it was an unseen force of nature that saved his life. "I know that my mom was with me on that bridge because my mom was murdered about a year and a half ago out in Memphis, Indiana and I feel very strongly that my mom was on the bridge with me that night."

Sholl's mother, Brenda Roche, was brutally beaten with a 28 pound rock and stabbed with a box cutter by her husband.

He said the emotional scars of this wreck, are only half of the pain and constant agony he feels. 

Sholl has a gash on his shin, a bruise the size of almost his whole upper leg and cuts on his hands and wrists from the collision. He said Krista was hit first and that blow sent them both to the ground.

"If she would have been putting the gas in the tank, I would have been standing in her place and I would have been killed" said Sholl, "that's the only thing I wish was done different. I wish that it would of killed me."

As those moments before, during and after the crash continually haunt his mind, there is one detail he cannot understand. "It was very dark, a lot darker than it should have been if it would have been lit up like it should have been. He couldn't see us until he got right up on us and he didn't even see us he said he saw the car."

Sholl said although he is in a lot of pain and he cannot put weight on his right leg, he is going to stay strong and knows he will be ok.

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