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Clarksville PD cracking down on crime

Five people were arrested at a hotel on October 1. Five people were arrested at a hotel on October 1.
Evidence collected from busts. Evidence collected from busts.
Florence Rayman Florence Rayman
Police Chief Mark Palmer Police Chief Mark Palmer

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Clarksville's top cop said police are cracking down on crime. There is a marked increase in police activity across the river.

WAVE 3 wanted to know - are people noticing the crackdown? WAVE 3 hit the streets to find out.

Police attribute it to hard work and getting the community involved.

Clarksville is home for Florence Rayman. It has been for around 42 years.

"Yeah, I'm the old comer!" Rayman said with an enthusiastic laugh.

She lives within walking distance of America's Best Inn. A hotspot problem area for police. The weekend of October 1, five people were arrested. Inside two rooms, police found several containers of meth, handguns and large amounts of drug paraphernalia. On August 1, another meth lab found in a room at the same hotel.

"It does kind of, you know, worry a person, because they're crazy when they're on that stuff," Rayman said.

Police Chief Mark Palmer said his department is taking a proactive stand and cracking down on crime.

"The police are really doing their work," Rayman said. "They really are."

Police created a narcotics task force and trained officers in what to look for in possible drug activity.

"We're allowing officers to investigate more. We're allowing officers to initiate things they're hearing about," Palmer said.

In recent weeks, CPD busted marijuana home grow operations on Blackiston Ridge Court, Altra Drive and Elm Street.

From January 3 2012 to October 5, there were 165 drug related arrests. That is almost triple the number from last year.

"That's just showing additional training and the hard work of the officers really paying off," Palmer said. "As well as the community reaching out."

"I appreciate what the police and law enforcement is doing to help us to have a safer neighborhood," Dottie Rabbeth, of Clarksville said.

Rabbeth is aware of crime in her hometown and police efforts.

"I think the more attention we bring to it, the more people are gonna know that's not going to be tolerated in Clarksville," Rabbeth said. "This is not going to be a place where you can come and just do as you please."

Police work people like Rayman are noticing.

"What would I say to them? I would thank them for the good work their doing," she said.

Clarksville police are encouraging people to get involved. If you see something, say something. You are asked to call police on their Crimebusters tipline. Their number is (812) 284-4636.

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