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Hoarder house called ‘worst ever'

Some of what was found inside the house (Source: NBC) Some of what was found inside the house (Source: NBC)

(NBC) - Las Vegas officials swarmed a home last week to deal with what they call the worst case of hoarding they've ever seen.

Officials began hauling away items from the home on Friday after they found materials stacked from floor to ceiling inside and declared it uninhabitable.

Along with huge piles of debris, they also found seven dead cats and 19 sick cats that had to be euthanized.

Authorities say there was so much stuff in the house they had to remove the front door just to get inside.

The home owner has reportedly received eight citations from the city about the hoarding since 2007.

Neighbors say the problem became more severe the last two years as materials also piled up in his front courtyard and back patio.

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