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12-year-old boy helps police nab burglar

William Isaac Nevitt (Source: LMDC) William Isaac Nevitt (Source: LMDC)
Idale Green Idale Green

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's a frightening proposition: What would you do if someone was trying to break in your home?

Now, imagine that same scenario if you're a 12-year-old! Louisville Metro Police say a young boy got that surprise while babysitting his four-year-old sister!

Farnsley Middle School student Idale Green, 12, told WAVE 3 News he learned early in school, if you're in trouble call 911.

His neighbors believe his quick action likely saved them from harm and tonight, they're calling him a hero.

For most kids, a day with no school is a day to have fun but, for Idale Green? "Yeah, I was scared," he admits.

The 12-year-old was home watching his 4-year-old sister Monday in their south Louisville neighborhood when police say William Isaac Nevitt, 24, was on the front porch.

"There was a man knocking on the door," Idale remembered,"I knew my mom had told me don't answer the door for strangers so, I called her and told her and she said don't answer the door!"

Idale says he watched Nevitt go to the back of the house. "He tried to get into the window," Idale said, "I was in the kitchen." The boy says he watched the man try to pry the family's window open."

Somehow, Idale stayed calm and cool. " I just ran into my sister's room and got her and we went in my room and I told her to lay down," he recalled, "I got the TV on for her and then I called the police. "

Idale had police dispatchers on the landline house phone, his mom Keashia on a cell phone. "I just panicked at work, I just started crying, " Keashia told WAVE 3.

When Nevitt couldn't get the window open, police say he went across the street where neighbor Sharon Davis was home alone.

Davis told us, " I watched him and he went in my backyard and he came around to my front door again."  This time, Idale's call had police quickly at Davis's house.

Davis told us, she was scared, "He had a hammer and a crowbar with him, the police found that on him." As for her young neighbor? "He's our hero, " she said of Idale, "that's what we said he's the hero of the neighborhood."

The hero's reward?

"Pizza and doughnuts,' his mom laughed, "Those are his favorites."

Nevitt is charged with burglary and possession of burglary tools. Police say he admitted he planed to break into the home.

His father tells WAVE 3, he has a substance abuse problem and he hopes he'll be able to get some help after he gets out of jail.

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