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Rockcastle County teen continues remarkable recovery from hit and run incident

Jared Johnson Jared Johnson
The road where Jared was hit. The road where Jared was hit.
Veronica Waddles Veronica Waddles

ROCKCASTLE, KY (WLEX) – It's been one month since a Rockcastle County teenager was hit by a car and left on the side of the road. Now, he's making big strides in his recovery and speaking out about the accident for the first time, and about the search for who is responsible.

Jared Johnson says he doesn't remember anything at all the night when he was walking along Scaffold Cane Road, not a hundred yards from his house, when he was hit by a hit and run driver. But, he's determined not to let the pain of recovery slow him down. "I always get better," he said. "I get hurt a lot and I get right back up."

Johnson has a long road ahead of him, however. "I broke (my) kneecap cap and the other knee cap, broke (my) elbow, got a screw in it," he said. "(And) a screw in my collarbone."

"All I know is when the cop came to our door he had Jared's cell phone and told me I needed to go to the hospital," said Johnson's mother, Veronica Waddles.

It was there in the hospital Johnson stayed for almost a month. And even today, questions remain about what happened. "They turned around and go the other way and not even call the cops?" said Johnson.

Who was driving the car that hit Johnson? That's what his mother would like to know. "I just wish someone would just come and say 'I'm sorry. I did this, I'm sorry.'"

For now, they have to focus on getting better, and Johnson is surprising everyone. "They didn't expect him to recover so quickly," said Waddles, who said she had the feeling he was going to be okay from the start.

Despite the time in the hospital, Johnson is set to graduate on time from high school.

If you have any information about the incident, call police.

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