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Former Oldham County police officer facing more charges

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Mosley on his way into court. Mosley on his way into court.

OLDHAM COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - A former Oldham County police officer charged with sending sexually explicit messages to a teenager is facing new charges on an unrelated case.
Officer Shane Mosley's attorney, Steve Schroering, says he was not expecting the new charges on Wednesday that came from an unrelated incident involving an alleged DUI and a United States marshal.

Mosley is a four year veteran of the Oldham County Police Department.

He is accused of sending inappropriate text messages to a juvenile. Court documents say on September 25, Mosley pulled over a man and a juvenile in a car. Police said Mosley found marijuana in the car cited the adult male and not the young girl. Police said, shortly after Officer Mosley began sending inappropriate sexual text messages to the juvenile. He was arrested September 28 and resigned from his position from the Oldham County Police Department.

On Wednesday, while being arraigned on charges of unlawful transaction with a minor and official misconduct, a surprise was given to Mosley and his attorney.

"It was just dropped on us today the allegations center around apparently an arrest of a male suspect," said Shroering.

Mosley was charged with two new charges on an unrelated case, an alleged DUI cover up involving U.S. Marshal Billy Stotts Jr. According to court documents, on September 15 Mosley responded to an accident in Oldham County. Mosley arrested Stotts for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The criminal complaint against Mosley said he made false, inaccurate statements and omitted or misrepresented facts in the arrest citation and the collision report.

Court documents said that Stotts was afraid of losing his job as a U.S. marshal and he blew a .211 in a portable breath test.

"He's (Mosley) going through a difficult time right now," said Shroering. "He does look forward to all the evidence coming out in these matters."

Mosley pleaded not guilty to the charges from both cases. He posted bond and will be back in court in November.
As for the Stotts, the Untied States Marshals Service said he is still working with the agency.

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