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Indictment: Child forced to perform sex acts on family dog


It is a case of child sexual molestation that is one of the most heinous attorney Jay Abt said he's ever seen, and Abt said it is all lies.

Abt represents Mitchell Jones.  Jones was indicted by a Forsyth County Grand Jury on Dec. 12, 2011. The indictment carries five charges for aggravated child molestation, and the victim - one of Jones' relatives - would've been 8 years old at the time of the alleged molestation.

Count IV of the indictment accuses Jones of forcing the child to perform sex acts on the family dog, Waldo.  The allegations contend that Jones used a gun to coerce the victim into the act.

"Anytime you have these allegations it pulls at the heart strings of anyone who cares about children," Abt said.  "But, we have to look at the facts, and we are very adamant about the fact that our client has been wrongfully accused."

CBS Atlanta News spoke to Jones outside his Forsyth County home. 

"I had just left my job at Walmart and was going to just work part time," Jones said.  "I was slowing down for retirement, was going to take it easy.   I would not molest a child to spend the rest of my life in prison.   It's a bunch of nonsense."

According to the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office Incident Report, the victim told his mother that he had been molested.

"This is a family member accusing him of possibly the most heinous thing you could ever think of," Abt said.  "So, emotionally it's draining on him and his family, and it has been very tough for him to keep his chin up, despite the fact he is not guilty of these allegations."

Abt said there is a financial motive for the accusations against his client and questions the victim's mother's intentions in reporting the alleged abuse to investigators.

"We think she made the whole thing up," Abt said.  "He is in the custody of his mother, who has a long history of drug problems, and drug addiction involving methamphetamines."

Jones said he is scared but plans to fight all of the accusations in a court of law to clear his name.

"If I was a child molester, locked up in jail, I would have taken the free attorney and took my chances," Jones said.  "But, I have spent a lot of my money and other people's money to get this taken care of, and I am afraid to death, because I know how it is, people believe this kind of stuff.  But I am innocent."

Multiple attempts to contact the victim's mother were unsuccessful.

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