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Siberian husky, owner reunited 4 years after dog went missing


A North Georgia woman had given up searching for her dog that had gone missing four years ago - she feared her Siberian husky had been shot and killed in Chatsworth.

But thanks to an imbedded identification chip, and an animal shelter hundreds of miles away, the woman and her beloved pet have been reunited.

Heather Jackson spent weeks going to animal shelters hoping to find her beloved husky. Somehow shelter workers missed the imbedded chip the first time - but four years later the missing dog was located all the way in Illinois.

"I've always been a dog lover but I've never been as attached to a dog like her," said Jackson.

Jackson thought her dog named Shakira was gone for good - somehow the pooch got out of her yard back in 2008 and disappeared.

"Either someone stole her or she got away and we couldn't find her," said Jackson.

Because of a mix up at a local animal shelter, no one knew Shakira had been embedded with a microchip that contained her owner's information, and she was sent to a husky rescue group all the way in McHenry, IL.

But the rescue group did get a reading off Shakira's chip - that's when Jackson got the phone call that her dog had been found.

Jackson's brother Matt Asbury shot video of the reunion last weekend in Illinois. Shakira immediately recognized Jackson.

"It's pretty incredible to see how she went right to her and laid down," said Asbury. "You could tell she knew who she was."

Now Jackson keeps Shakira extra close, thankful to get a second chance with her best friend.

"Nobody gets their dog back after four years," said Jackson.

Shakira is doing pretty well, veterinarians say she's about 15 pounds under weight, but her owner is trying to pack on the pounds with chicken sandwiches.

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