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Students forced to move due to mold

Students moving out. Students moving out.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - An entire dorm of students is packing up and moving out at the University of Louisville.

The evacuation came after the university discovered elevated levels of mold spores in the building during the fall break - and led to a big shake-up at Miller Hall.

Director of Housing Shannon Staten, "We had a couple of students who had reported they thought there was mold in there room on their air conditioning unit and we always send in our environmental health staff on campus when we have those type of concerns."

The mold spores found are common, but the levels are high. 

The Director of Health Services for UofL Dr. Phillip Bressoud explained, "Most of our students are not at great risk for developing an infection from this although it can be irritating to the eyes nose and the throat."

The university took a approach to the problem - safety first meant all 270 students had to get out.

The university is working to put them in other campus housing or hotels,  with no added costs, and hiring moving companies to help.

A few students told WAVE 3 moving while trying to study was a little stressful.

Dad Joe Kreuser drove from Elizabethtown to help his daughter box up her belongings after just moving her in, "Her mother wants to get her room just right and packing the clothes, the refrigerator. Four flights, she's on the fourth floor. So that's a lot of stairs no elevator in this building."

As for most students?

They took the news to leave the dorm built in 1964 better than you might expect.

Student Joe Schafer said, "Honestly, I was like really excited, I get to go live in Cardinal Town. It's like the nicest place out here compared to Miller. It's like the bathrooms there are like bigger than our rooms."

Student Christopher Todd didn't seem too upset either, "It's a traditional dorm. I like it here, but the opportunity presented itself so I'm going to leave."

Once the building is deemed a clean and safe environment, students can move back in if they wish to do so.

The university hopes to have all the students moved by Sunday at 6 p.m.

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