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Calipari Speaks to Big Blue Nation

(LOUISVILLE, KY) University of Kentucky Head Coach, John Calipari tells crowd at the Downtown Marriott in Louisville that he doesn't know how his team will play this year.

Speaking to a group of UK Alumni at the annual Tip Off Luncheon, Calipari took small jabs at the thought of his team that is replacing all five starters from last year, being ranked in the top five coming into the season. "Where are they picking us? Since I don't read the newspaper, where are they picking us? Third? Come on. What? We've got all new players. I don't even know how we're going to play right now," said the coach. Although he's replacing six leaders in every statistical category, Calipari is re-loading with the number one recruiting class in the country. A big reason he's having to replace so many players, the NBA's "one and done rule" which allows players to enter the league's draft after one year of college. "I don't believe in one and done, I don't like it.," said Calipari. "You think I'm a moron. I would like these kids three and four years, are you crazy? You think I want them one year, then I got to regroup and go another."

While Calipari doesn't believe his team should be highly ranked, he does believe his arch rival, the University of Louisville, should be among the top ranked teams in the country. "The program in this town, they've got a good program now. They're one or two in the country and deserve it. They're well coached. They play hard. It's going to be a war down here when we play," said Calipari. He also tried to encourage the UK faithful to cheer for their rival, when they're not playing the Cats.


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