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Students threatened with gun at Bosse HS, parent tackles suspect

BB gun. Source: Evansville Police Department BB gun. Source: Evansville Police Department

A parent tackled a student when Evansville Police say the teenager pulled a gun at Bosse High School.

It turned out to be a BB gun but witnesses say it looked like the real thing.

Officials say that threat happened outside Bosse High after band practice Wednesday night. Police tell 14 News even though the weapon wasn't an actual handgun, the situation was still very real.

"I hollered for him to stop and that's when he took off running and I chased him down the side of the street and around the corner to the parking lot," said parent Edward Stocker.

Stocker is the father of a color guard member. He says, when he went to pick up his daughter from practice Wednesday night, she told him she saw a boy with a gun.

Police say that was just after 8:30 p.m. EVSC officials say the 16-year-old suspect came to talk with an ex-girlfriend during a water break.

Police say, after practice outdoors, he pulled a BB gun from his waistband, "waving it around" in front of 30-40 kids.

"He just came to wherever that girl was," said EVSC Chief Communication Officer Marsha Jackson. "She could have been at the mall, she could have been at home, she could have been at church."

Police say that's when Stocker held the suspect down until police arrived. EPD says BB guns are not just toys.

"While the gun ended up not being an actual handgun, the sense of fear that he instilled in all these high school kids was very real," said EPD Sgt. Jason Cullum.

"They just look so real and it sounded like a real one when it hit the ground," Stock recalled.

Police and EVSC say they've spent Thursday calling the parents of each student involved, police notifying each potential victim's family under state law.

EPD says, without Mr. Stocker intervening, it would have been harder to track down the suspect and weapon.

"You can't not take it seriously," Stocker said. "If it was a real gun then, that's a kid with a gun who pulled a gun on other kids."

Police say the suspect is being held in a juvenile detention facility, charged with criminal recklessness, two counts of intimidation with a weapon and trespassing.

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