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WAVE 3 Editorial – October, 11, 2012: Kindergarten Preparedness

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

The first five years of life basically determine our path in life. It can't be overstated how important those years are to brain development.

How sad it is to learn this week that only one of every four children in the Commonwealth of Kentucky are prepared for kindergarten. It is a rough commentary on plenty of missing links in the first five years of life of our children.

More than 100 school districts are involved in this data. Next year we will have information from all 174 school districts so there is hope that the nearly 55,000 kindergartners who enroll in public schools in Kentucky each year will be better prepared than the current numbers indicate.

Clearly, we need to parent better… starting with reading to babies daily!

If children aren't ready for kindergarten they likely won't be reading at grade level by third grade and after that will be battling from behind their entire school career, one that often results in dropping out of high school or stopping schooling after high school.

In allocating limited funding resources, first priority needs to be focused on pre-school children. Community commitment to improving kindergarten readiness is as important as any initiative we can back to insure the future of our community is better than the present.  

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