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Friday is JCPS student report card day

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Do you remember getting your report card in school? Maybe you were a straight "A" student, or on the other side of the scale, your grades weren't so hot. Friday is report card day for thousands of Jefferson County Public School students. JCPS wants parents to take a hard look at those report cards. Inside the halls of schools across the district like it or not, Friday is report card day for students and mom and dad.

"I think, maybe I'll get an "O"...a couple of "O"'s and a couple of "s"'s," Middletown Elementary School 4th grader, Jacob Hamm said.

At Middletown Elementary, "O"'s mean outstanding and "S"'s mean satisfactory. But, for these three students and others, they get letter grades for the first time.

"Usually, I'm thinking 'please tell me it's an 'S' or "O,'" Middletown Elementary School 4th grad, Sean Harris said. 'Please tell me it's an 'S' or 'O' on everything!'"

When it comes time to giving that paper to their parents, some students like Middletown Elementary 4th grader, Genesis Nolan, hope they make the grade at home.

"They'd be happy that I got all 'O's," Nolan said.

It's a card that carries weight.

Patty Salyer is the principal of Middletown Elementary School. "So, it gives the parents a chance to see what's been going on for the first six weeks and where the kids need to improve," she said.

As a sign of the times, Kristen Boston said she got a text message for the first time alerting her of report card day.

"It lets you know what your kid's doing, so you have to pay attention to it so you know what to work on so you can be present in their education," Boston said. "It's not just up to the teachers."

Parents like Carie Schulten remember those dreaded report card days.

"Change the grade with a pen," Schulten said with a laugh. "Tell them it wasn't ready, trying to work on extra credit. Just little things."

Which is why she wants to show her children that their hard work can pay off.

"$10," she said.

"Per "A?" WAVE 3's David Williams asked.

"Per A," she said."(It) Helps them want to get straight A's"

WAVE 3 asked Schulten if her system worked.

"It does," she said. "They're excited to get money."

JCPS said it will be handing out 98,000 report cards on Friday. They want parents to make sure you see them and talk with your child about it.

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