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Monkey stolen in home break-in


He's a marmoset named Gizzy, and he's been with one Montgomery County family for nine years. Now, this little monkey is the focus of a crime, with police trying to find who broke into a home and stole him.

"It's just a shock," said Doug Jackson of Clarksville. "You don't come home to a $3,000 animal gone all the time."

It's not a case you hear about every day, but for animal lovers Jackson and Amber Bradley, this is a very serious and painful crime.

"It's really upsetting someone wants to come in and take another person's animal," said Bradley.

At their Denny Road home, a blanket and toys still sit in a cage waiting for Gizzy. Since late last month, Gizzy's been believed to have been stolen.

Jackson said he locked up the trailer and left for work on Sept. 28. Police said sometime when Jackson was gone, someone came on the property, pried open the door and stole Gizzy.

"Nothing was gone but the monkey," said Jackson. "Whoever it was knew we had him and wanted just that and came in and got him."

Jackson suspects the crook is someone who previously tried to buy Gizzy, while police have interviewed two people in connection with the case.

For now, Jackson and Bradley are keeping the cage open, blanket and toys waiting, in the hope Gizzy somehow gets back home. 

"I'm just hoping Gizzy is OK," said Bradley. "Someone knows where he's at, and we can just bring him back home."

Jackson and Bradley added they are offering a reward to anyone who can help get Gizzy back home.

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