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Former APD detective, cancer survivor fights eviction

Jacqueline Barber Jacqueline Barber

Jacqueline Barber bought her home in Fayetteville so her four young grandchildren would have a place to call home.

"That's the only home they've ever known," Barber said. "Those grandchildren were going to need a roof over their heads."

They soon, however, could lose that roof and everything under it.

"I put everything into that home," Barber said.

Barber is a retired Atlanta police detective who is struggling with bone marrow cancer. Her disability payments were cut off several years ago. Her mortgage payments shot up soon after from the $2,400 she struggled to pay to the $3,900 she absolutely could not afford.

"I don't know one moment to the next what's going to happen," she said.

Barber's home fell into foreclosure earlier this year and was sold at an auction to a mortgage company. Then came the eviction notices.

"Very scary, very scary," Barber said.

Barber filed for bankruptcy, which allowed her to stay in her home, but on Thursday, Barber received some awful news. A judge lifted the order that held off eviction.

"I didn't know if we were going to have to move today or tomorrow - I didn't know when," Barber said.

On Friday, an unlikely alliance formed to herlp Barber stay in her home.

A handful of former and current Atlanta police officers joined forces with activists from Occupy Our Homes Atlanta in solidarity with Barber.

The two groups were at odds last year as police evicted and arrested protestors from Woodruff Park.

They have found common ground, at least in this case, in the fight for a woman who fought crime when she was on the force.

"Someone who is a civil servant is being evicted from her home," said Donald Hannah, a retired Atlanta detective.

"When people have common ground - they come together anyway," Hannah said of the unusual partnership.

Activists are demanding that GMAC, the company that Barber has dealt with, sell the home back to her for the $150,000 for which it was auctioned.

Barber said current and former police officers will join them.

"I never knew I had friends who were that close and who would do something like that for me," Barber said.

Joshua Davis, an attorney who is advising Barber, said he hopes GMAC will find it wiser to negotiate than to fight.

"They'll realize there will be far greater consequences to evict her than to work it out with somebody who has been a civil servant," Davis said.

A spokeswoman for GMAC said that the company is managing the sale of the property for U.S. Bank, which is a trustee for a group of unknown investors.

The spokeswoman said GMAC would evaluate the situation "and make a decision in the interest of the trust."

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