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Former state trooper's alleged crime has grandmother fuming

Brenda Shaw Brenda Shaw
Raymond Hunt Raymond Hunt

CORYDON, IN (WAVE) - It's a bizarre home invasion involving a former Indiana State Police Officer and a Harrison County family.

The Harrison County Sheriff's Office said it happened off Whiskey Run Road in Byrnville and that a former officer's alleged actions have a grandmother hopping mad.

Grandparents Brenda and Gary Shaw said it's a nightmare that's about as random as it gets. "Him being from Indianapolis," Gary Shaw wondered, "How did he pick our house?"

The Shaws said just after 1:00 Friday morning, Brenda was almost asleep, when she heard a pop outside her rural Harrison County home.  "I heard gunshots," Brenda remembered. But, she thought it was a TV show her grandchildren were watching as they spent the night on the living room sofa.

It wasn't.

Brenda said her granddaughter told her the shot came from outside the front door.  Somebody pounded on the window," Brenda said, "and he had a flashlight," she said she couldn't see his face.

Brenda thought it was her neighbor, possibly in trouble.  "I opened the door," she said. But the Harrison County Sheriff's Office said it wasn't the neighbor. It was former Indiana State Trooper Raymond Hunt.

Hunt, a total stranger to the family, pushed Brenda back and allegedly started rambling, pointing the gun right at her.

Brenda recalled, "At one point, he took the clip out, but then he put it right back in and then put it (the gun) right back on me!"

After some tense moments, Brenda said Hunt took the clip out a second time. Worried for the safety of her grandchildren, she tried to reach for it.

That's when Gary woke up and slipped into the room.

"At first, he dropped the clip out of the gun," Gary said of Hunt, "and he was waving it."  Gary said that as Hunt continued to wave the gun, "I just reached out and grabbed it."

Gary eventually talked Hunt into handing over the gun while Brenda called 911 and got the kids out of the house.

She also called her son who lives nearby. He came with a gun and helped hold Hunt until authorities could get there.

Hunt, who's from the Indianapolis area, resigned from the state police last Friday for unknown reasons.

Officers said when they got there Hunt was "belligerent," and "talking out of his head."

Brenda said if the family was put through that scare because Hunt was on drugs and alcohol, "then I am ready to smack him in the face for putting us through that."

"I'm ready just to tear into him you know?" She continued, "I have an old saying: You can mess with mother hen, but you mess with her chicks and you're going to get flocked!"

The Shaws said they have no idea why Hunt chose their home to bust into other than it may have been because their lights were still on.

The couple said their grandchildren were shaken up but are doing better.

Hunt is facing several charges including burglary and criminal recklessness with a firearm.

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