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Disconnected downtown: AT&T wireless customers want answers

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - We all know what it's like to struggle with cell phone reception when you're in the country, but customers of a cell phone giant say they can't get bar right in downtown Louisville.

There's a disconnect between Christy Vance and her cell phone company.

"AT&T does not work downtown at all," Vance said.

And there's a reason behind service problems that have tons of AT&T users so upset.

"I have no idea why my cell phone will not work down here," said Vance, speaking in front of her office inside the Kentucky Home Life Building.

Vance isn't the only one complaining. The WAVE 3 Troubleshooter department put the word out on social media and got posts, tweets and emails from AT&T wireless customers in Louisville upset about what they say is a deterioration in cell phone and data plan reception. There's even a chat room dedicated to the problem.

"When I try to call somebody my phone will like reset itself," said 18 year old Tevion Posey, who says he is also plagued by bad reception. "Or it will just say, no service."

No service no where close to the sticks.

"It's only downtown," Vance said. "Because I can get on at home, no problem."

Customers of the company made famous by those three letters, AT&T, want to know why. We found out another three letters, or lack there of, may be the cause of the complaints.

LTE is a 4G technology, that stands for "long term evolution." LTE helps deliver faster service on those smart phones that have pushed the current technology to the limit. All the bells and whistles often overload cell phone networks to the point many customers can't get a signal at peak times.

LTE is supposed to speed things up for AT&T customers and some parts of the country are already seeing the benefits. Bur AT&T hasn't flipped the switch on LTE in the Louisville area, which is why your AT&T wireless service may work great in other big cities and not in downtown Louisville.

"I thought it was my phone," Vance said. "And I was going to get a new phone but then I found out everybody is having problems."

"It's very frustrating because I pay so much money and get no service," Vance said.

AT&T spokesperson Cathy Lewandowski said LTE will be available to AT&T wireless customers in Louisville by the end of 2012 but the company is still prepping the local network.

Lewandowski did acknowledge some areas may be experiencing temporary performance problems as the upgrades come on line but added AT&T has invested $275 million in its Louisville area network in the past couple years and customers should be seeing improvements any day now.

AT&T already activated LTE in 77 US markets.

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