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CPSC intercepts shipment of toxic Halloween costumes

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A shipment of imported Halloween costumes has been found to contain toxic levels of lead, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Lead can poison children's brains.

CPSC investigator Craig Mabie and customs and border protection officers intercepted the load of lead-laden pirate costumes from China.

Mabie works in a warehouse that accepts thousands of packages from foreign countries every day. "Any one of them could be full of items that are full of lead,  Mabie said. "In the old days it would be hard to detect that, but modern technology has made it a lot easier to find out."

Mabie has a handheld device that in a matter of seconds tells him everything he needs to know about what a toy is made of. "It's going to tell you what that product is made of based on the periodic table of the elements," Mabie said.

Lead is a big one this time of year, especially if it's something a child has direct contact with.

Mabie's device told him the eye patch that comes with one of the pirate costumes in question contains a lead level of 4,243 parts per million. That's more than 40 times the acceptable level, and the eye patch comes in direct contact with a child's face.

Warnings have gone out, banning the costumes from any port in the country. All of the toxic costumes already shipped to this country will be destroyed.

For more information about potentially toxic costumes and other Halloween safety information, go to the Consumer Product Safety Commission's website at cpsc.gov.

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