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Family pleas for murderer to come forward

The scene where Kimbley was found beaten. The scene where Kimbley was found beaten.
Mickel Kimbley Mickel Kimbley
Mickel Kimbley's family. Mickel Kimbley's family.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - What began as an investigation into a beating of a Louisville man has now become a murder investigation.

Mickel Kimbley, 26, died Monday after police said he was found barely alive in Portland on October 13 and his family is already honoring his life.

They said Kimbley was barely alive when he got to the hospital late Saturday, but they knew, being a person who was always helping, that he would want his organs donated. Of course that doesn't make accepting his death any easier.

"It ain't sunk in. It's just hard," is all Kimbley's step-father Shawn Grady Senior could say out before getting too choked up to speak about the man he raised.

Kimbley's family said he doesn't live near 24th and West Main Streets where he was found beaten. They said he didn't have any enemies they were aware of either, so knowing someone is out there that would take Kimbley's life in such a brutal way has them concerned. "It's hard for me to sleep at night," said his brother Shawn Grady Junior.

His family also pleaded for the person who killed Kimbley to come forward. "They need to turn themselves in. Period. I don't have nothing else to say about it they just need to come forward," said Grady.

Kimbley's mother Erica Grady said she has faith it'll happen. "When I go to God he answers my prayers so I'm going to leave everything in God's hands." As she turns to God to understand why her son isn't around anymore, she hopes his killer does too. "For the people who did this to my son or whoever did this to my son, I forgive you because if I don't forgive you God had already forgiven you and I forgive you as well."

Kimbley's brother said he talked to the man who called 911 after the assault on Saturday and he believes someone out there saw who killed his brother. Police aren't releasing any information about a possible suspect and ask if you can help call the anonymous tip line at (502) 574-LMPD.

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