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Man murdered in Okolona home laid to rest, still no suspect

The church where the funeral was held. The church where the funeral was held.
Gerald Jackson Gerald Jackson

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A man murdered in the middle of the night was laid to rest Tuesday as family and friends gathered at First Baptist Church in Jeffersontown.

Gerald Jackson, 33, was shot and killed in a Okolona house full of four children and his girlfriend during the early morning hours October 10.

The man's family is trying to find closure after he was shot to death in a house along the 6500 block of Larry Lane. "They not only killed him. They killed the whole family," cousin Anthony Maddox said.

Neighbors who spoke to the children in the home said he was shot in a hallway near a bathroom.

Five children lost a father. "They know their father is in heaven right now. They miss him," Maddox said.

One of Jackson's biological sons was there when his father was murdered. Police haven't said much since the shooting.

Jackson's family encouraged media coverage at the funeral so those who may know or heard something are reminded to call police.

"The family right now, we're just going to stay strong for each other and not speculate on the investigation and just let them do their job. We feel confident in them," uncle William Jackson said.

One message they want friends and those who know Jackson to hear, is this: "retaliation is not in any of our minds. Only justice. We want justice and that's what the police are going to allow us to have," William Jackson said.

"We not going to go by the rumors. We're just going to let the police handle it," Maddox added.

Police couldn't provide new information and have prevented 911 calls from being released.

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