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Tortured victim wonders why 2 involved not behind bars

Dre Whitehead before the attack. (Source: WLEX) Dre Whitehead before the attack. (Source: WLEX)
Willa Ford Willa Ford
Mikie Fischer (Source: WLEX) Mikie Fischer (Source: WLEX)
The home where the attack took place. The home where the attack took place.

DANVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Police have made one arrest after an attack on a man, but the victim said two others involved have not been arrested and he wants to know why.

Dre Whitehead's family said his appearance has changed after a pot of scalding hot water was thrown on him.

Vincent Whitehead explained, "His eyes, his shoulders. He has hardly any skin on one side of his face, nose over there's no skin. Completely white."

His family said the water was only a part of the torture the 20-year-old was put through after he was lured into a home on 6th Street on October 10.

Whitehead was unaware he was lured into the home because Mikie Fischer and two woman thought he stole an Xbox.

Willa Ford said, "I kept telling Mikie that Dre wasn't the one, he didn't take it."

Police said Fischer carried out the attack anyway and that he did not act alone.

Ford explained, "My sister called me and told me that she had kicked him."  Ford said she went to her sister's house to find out what was going on and she saw Whitehead, "They thought I was just gonna go up the street and not say nothin. After I seen that I had to. I broke down."

Whitehead's family believes Willa saved his life that day, "They would've killed Dre. They said they were gonna kill Dre and they told him if he said anything they would kill him," said Vincent Whitehead.

Willa said even though her sister was involved she plans to stand up for what is right, "Because they did just as much as the other person did.  All three should be in jail."

Danville police said they are still processing evidence from the crime and have no ruled out additional arrests.

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