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Local police station investigating state agency after toddlers death

Tiffany Kaphleke (Source: WLEX) Tiffany Kaphleke (Source: WLEX)
Tamryn Kaphleke (Source: WLEX) Tamryn Kaphleke (Source: WLEX)

ABILENE, TX (WAVE) – Police in Abilene, Texas said they confiscated several documents and cases from a child protective agency that state workers allegedly tampered with evidence concerning a deceased 22-month-old Scott County, Kentucky child.

Two months ago, Tiffany Kaphleke was accused of leaving her daughter, Tamryn Kaphleke, to die in her own soiled bed sheets while her husband was deployed overseas.

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Six days before Tamryn's death a CPS employee quickly and quietly closed an 11 month investigation centered on the toddler without ever visiting the family's home. It was discovered the last visit CPS made was nearly a year before the toddler's death.

Chief Stan Stanridge of the Abilene Police Department said, "It's critical that someone must be held accountable for this child dying."

The investigation is gaining national attention due to the fact it is rare a local police department investigates a State agency.

Albilene police said they want answers as to how things could get so bad at the Abilene CPS office.

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