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WAVE 3 Editorial – October, 16, 2012: Candidate Visits

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

More than 51 million people watched the Vice-Presidential debate, the third-highest viewed VP debate ever. Centre College, with less than 1,400 students, was an exemplary host, making the Commonwealth proud.

The international exposure for the college and for Kentucky was substantial – 574 credentialed media representing 40 countries.  Upwards of 10,000 visitors saw the impressive volunteer work of nearly 700 students, faculty and staff, and citizens from Danville and Boyle County. 

Unfortunately, this has been the only way to get the candidates to Kentucky. Neither of their running mates have come to the Commonwealth to address issues or visit with voters, although Mitt Romney attended a fundraiser a few months ago. The candidates are focused on a handful of states that are considered too close to call. We've editorialized previously about modifying the electoral college system somewhat to make every voter in every state feel more included in the process.  It would also be refreshing for candidates to pledge to make a least one appearance in every state prior to election day, and even better if some of them could be joint appearances! It would likely increase voter turnout and engagement and reaffirm that it is the voters who employ them.       

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