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Ballard High School soccer coach honored at game

Brian Walters Brian Walters
Members of the Girls Ballard soccer team. Members of the Girls Ballard soccer team.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A high school team heads to the field without their head coach as a tragic car accident claims his life.

Bullitt East High School teacher and Ballard High School Soccer Coach Brian Walters was killed in Spencer County on his way to work.

The Ballard High School girls soccer team always knew their regional game against Sacred Heart would be tough, but no one could predict they would have to play without their head coach.

"He gave us so much like last year we won the Bull Dog Tournament," said Alex Hoefler, player. "We beat teams that nobody thought we would beat.

Walters died just minutes from his home. "Today was so rough at school," said Hoefler.

Hoefler says she held on to a game plan that was talked through Sunday night at their final practice together.

"We were going to throw it away because it's like we have him tomorrow for him to tell us, but we don't have him anymore," said Rachel Lauterwasser, player.

On Tuesday, the players and their parents agreed they needed to play knowing that's exactly what Coach Brian would say.

"I know that's what he would want them to do," said Barry Lauterwasser, parent. "He would say come out here and finish what you started at the beginning of the season and put it all out there tonight."

With heavy hearts, the team paused for a moment of silence as reality of the situation sank in.

"Honestly it is going to be hard, but it is going to be great, because we are playing for him in his honor and I think it is going to be great in his honor," said Katelyn Hunter, player.

Ballard lost to Sacred Heart, 2-0, but the team believes their coach would have been proud with how hard they played.

Walters leaves behind a wife and two small children. He will be laid to rest on Saturday.

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