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Kosair Children's Hospital Home and BMW Raffle

This home in Norton Commons is being raffled off. This home in Norton Commons is being raffled off.
A drawing depicting the finished home and the car up for raffle. A drawing depicting the finished home and the car up for raffle.
A sneak peek inside the home. A sneak peek inside the home.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Click here to find out more about the Kosair Children's Hospital Home and BMW Raffle and to register to win.

You've heard the words, "take a chance."  Norton Commons and a group of about 45 local businesses are asking you to do just that - take a chance.  On November 17, someone will win a house and help a child. You pay $100 for a chance to win the new home at 10705 Impatiens Street in Norton commons. The home was built by a lot of very grateful hands.

Susie Hencye is the owner of Twin Studios, an art gallery located in Norton commons. From landscaping to lighting, plumbing to painting, the effort to build this house was effortless. The entire project was completed by vendors like Susie. These vendors donated their time, talent and goods for the "good" of Kentucky's only full-service, free-standing pediatric care facility dedicated exclusively to caring for our kids. 

Susie immediately expressed how thankful she is for Kosair, "I will never be able to give back enough for what they did."

Charles Osborn, the builder of the home, explained how easy it was to get help, "When you begin to solicit and work with various vendors and groups, how many people have been affected by the hospital. How many people have had services from the hospital?"

Hundreds of thousands of Kentuckiana families will tell you, "There is no way to put a price on the services their children received."

Again Susie lets us know the importance of Kosair in her family's life, "Had my children been born anywhere else they would not be here with us today."

Susie is one of the many contributors to the $300,000 Norton Commons home, but she is also the mom of Aubrey and Chrisler White. Aubrey and Chrisler are her twins.  They were born at Kosair and they are just one of the many Kosair miracles.

"Chrisler was born purple," these words drew tears as she thought of the unexpected part the hospital took in her life. "Kosair took care of my daughter for a month and my son for a few weeks so they have a special spot in my heart," Susie's tears continued to roll as she spoke.  Then right in the middle of all the tears was a smile, a little laughter and this declaration, "Aubrey's the biggest in her class. We've come a long way."

Kosair has a special place in the hearts of many in Kentuckiana. The home that has been built is a special place. It was built to make sure the mission and the miracles at the hospital continue.  The house is now ready to be raffled off. The house and everyone involved in putting it all together, is ready to raise as much as they can so Kosair Children's Hospital can continue to do as much as they can for our families.

"To have a home, a nice new home and to pick that up for $100 is sure a good deal for somebody," Charles laughed.

It is a good deal for the kids at Kosair and a wonderful chance for a dream come true.

"It's a lot better odds than the lottery. No slam on the lottery. It's good odds for $100.  It's a great donation if you don't win the house," Charles explained.

If you don't win the house with your ticket, you still have a chance to drive away in a 2013 BMW 1 series thanks to the Sam Swope family.

Charles also laughed as he shared his thoughts, "I wouldn't mind having that either and I think it's got a trunk full of cash as well."

The car will come with $10,000 cash. There were so many ready and willing to give because they know what Kosair gives every minute to this community and it's families.

If you visit the open house any Saturday or Sunday between noon and 6 p.m. before November 17, you can register to win a $10,000 shopping spree courtesy of Burdorf's Furnishings and Flooring. The home was built to bring lots of comfort to its new owners with its hardwood floors, fireplace, gourmet kitchen, three bedrooms, 2 and ½ bathrooms, basement, plus a 2 car garage.  Almost 2,000 square feet of good feelings for a great cause ready for move in day. 

Susie took a good look around at all the great work to once again realize, "It's amazing how many lives have been touched."

The Norton commons project along with all the donating vendors vow to make sure that the great work at Kosair will have the funds it needs to continue.

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