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Gaines Adjust to New Job

(LOUISVILLE, KY.) After a stellar career at the University of Louisville, the number 15 pick in the NBA Draft in 2003, Reece Gaines is settling into his new role as assistant coach at Bellarmine.

"The good thing about coaching is it's really not about you," said Gaines at a recent practice. The former Card took the job as assistant coach at Bellarmine in August after a nine year professional career both in the NBA and Europe. This is his first job in coaching, and according to his new boss, Bellarmine Head Coach, Scott Davenport, Gaines is fitting in perfectly. "He's going to be a great coach. He's passing that passion that his mother and father had, tremendous parents, he's passing that passion down to his family, and he's passing it down as a coach," said Davenport.

Davenport was an assistant at U of L during Gaines' playing days, so the player is used to working for the coach. "He (Gaines) said to me (Davenport), Coach, if you need to yell at me, it's ok, because you used to yell at me when I played for you, " joked Davenport. When asked if he's been yelled at by Davenport, Gaines laughed and said, "not yet, but I'm sure it's coming as the season closer."

Gaines just finished his playing career last season, so he still will play with his new team. "He pushes us and plays one-on-one with us and everything. He's still got it, but he's a little out of shape though," laughed Bellarmine senior guard, Chris Dow. "I'm getting back in shape. I tried to play a little defense on Chris (Dow), and he made a move on me and I fell down, so I've been trying to get in shape ever since," says Gaines.

When you look down the Knights' schedule, you will notice that there second exhibition game of the season is against Gaines' and Davenport's former team, U of L. Gaines says it won't be easy competing against his former head coach, Rick Pitino. "my heart still bleeds, red, white, and camouflage, whatever jersey Coach P (Pitino) has them wearing this year. So, it's going to be tough. Luckily, it doesn't count against anybody's record, but it will be a tough game. Hopefully, we'll play really hard," said Gaines.


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