City spending thousands on unpopular parking meters

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The city of Louisville is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on new parking meters some drivers really don't like.

The complaints from residents state the meters were literally too tall for some people to use.

Never the less, the Parking Authority of River City is spending more than $284,000 to install the computerized parking meters downtown.

When they were testing out those new meters this summer, PARC put the larger meter heads on top of existing poles.

That made the meters so high, people 5'1'' or shorter couldn't see the screen.

One driver showed us how he had to use a step stool just to make sure he put in enough money.

In response to our story PARC took down those downtown test meters.

This week, PARC was installing 537 of the style meters --- permanently, around the courthouse, along Muhammad Ali and a few other places.

This time PARC cut back the post three inches before putting on the new meter head, making  the new meter height 4' 9'', which they hope will take care of any issues with shorter drivers not being able to use them.

PARC said the new meters will increase revenue and convenience because they accept credit cards and overall they should be a win for the city.

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