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Parents, students want answer about principal's leave

James Sexton speaking with WAVE 3's Jaimie Weiss in the newsroom. James Sexton speaking with WAVE 3's Jaimie Weiss in the newsroom.
Jeffersonville High School. Jeffersonville High School.

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Parents, students and former students are concerned at the lack of answers they're getting about what happened to Jeffersonville High School Principal Jim Sexton.

Superintendent Dr. Andrew Melin confirmed Friday Sexton is on paid administrative leave, but that it's not disciplinary. He won't say why, not even to those who are attending the school.

"They're pretty distraught about it. Everybody loves Sexton," said recent graduated Brandy Gales who as cousins currently attending Jeffersonville High School. She is one of many who are guessing about what happened and standing up for Sexton. "I heard Mr. Sexton got terminated," said parent Felice Williams. "I don't really know what happened, but I do want everyone to know he is a good man. He was for kids."

A teacher who didn't want to be identified said the administration escorted Sexton off school property earlier in the week. WAVE 3 talked with Sexton, who said he won't comment on a personnel matter. After telling us only that Sexton was not in his office, the superintendent's office confirmed in a statement just released that he is on paid administrative leave while issues are being addressed. No one will say what those issues are. "I think that everyone should really be on one level. One page. I think that they should get the rumors cleared, honestly, because you don't know how much that affects people," said Gales.

Sexton started just three years ago, after Gales was a Freshman. She credited him for getting her diploma. "I can say that everybody that I came in with, I left with. I never thought that graduating could be so important until that day I was sitting down there and I do thank Mr. Sexton a lot for that."

She hoped the rumors that he is gone for good are not true. Sexton is also running for the Jefferson County Public School Board in District 7 where he was a principal at Jeffersontown and Eastern High School for several years. He said he is still looking forward to the election in November.

Statement from Greater Clark County Schools Superintendent Dr. Andrew Melin issued October 18, 2012: "Mr. James Sexton, Jeffersonville High School Principal, is not in the office. Speculating about the matter would be inappropriate. No disciplinary action has been taken against Mr. Sexton. Greater Clark County Schools has no further comment."

Statement from Greater Clark County Schools Superintendent Dr. Andrew Melin issued October 19, 2012: "In order to clarify a multitude of media questions and community suppositions, Greater Clark's Superintendent of Schools Dr. Andrew Melin issues the following statement: 'Greater Clark County Schools confirms Mr. James Sexton's statement to the media that he is currently on paid administrative leave. We further confirm Mr. Sexton's statement that he has not been suspended, charged with any wrongdoing or terminated. Paid administrative leave is not a disciplinary action. It merely removes an employee from his work location during a time when issues are being addressed.' Had Mr. Sexton not informed the media that he was on a paid administrative leave, Greater Clark would not be able to confirm the information because a leave of this type is a confidential personnel matter. Greater Clark is not at liberty to provide any additional information, at this time."

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