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Couple says Kay Jewelers and UPS lost heirloom wedding rings

The rings that were lost. The rings that were lost.
Lydia and Jon being interviewed by Eric Flack. Lydia and Jon being interviewed by Eric Flack.
A part of the Kay Jeweler's receipt. A part of the Kay Jeweler's receipt.
Jon and his grandmother. Jon and his grandmother.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Heartbreak and outrage after wedding rings passed down for generations disappear. A young couple took those rings to a Kay Jewelers to get them repaired. Now Kay is pointing the finger at UPS, which said it's looking into the matter. But the couple believes the actions of both companies make them feel like neither one really cares about their missing wedding rings, or what they mean to the family.

Since he was a baby Jon Applegate and his grandmother, Beverly Romines, were close. She helped raise him and traveled hundreds of miles to see him graduate from the Navy despite the battle with cancer that eventually ended her life.

Jon said the pain of losing his Grandmother still hurts, but it is made a little bit easier by the idea she would always be with him and his new fiancee Lydia. Jon's grandmother passed down her wedding ring set to him when he was just two months old.

"A little bit of herself was in those rings it was the only thing I had left of hers," Jon said.

"They were beautiful," Lydia said. "I loved them so much."

Jon said his grandmother wanted to create an heirloom that would be handed down for generations. The family tradition was especially touching to Lydia, who is adopted.

"I wanted to let her know that I love her just as much as I was loved," Jon said.

Now, that bond has been shattered after a simple repair cost Jon and Lydia more than they ever imagined.

"The thing she wanted to start for our family they destroyed," he said. "It's gone now."

"This is not how I expected my engagement to go down," Lydia said as she choked back tears.

On September 24th, just days after Jon proposed, the couple took his grandmother's engagement ring and matching wedding band to Kay Jewelers in Mall St Matthews. The couple paid $525 to get the antiques repaired and resized. But two weeks later, a day before they were scheduled the pick the rings up, Lydia got the call.

"I thought I was dreaming to be quite honest with you, I didn't know what was going on," Lydia said. "It's like oh, hey we lost your rings. And I thought you what? You what? How does this happen?"

The store manager told the couple UPS picked up the rings from store but the package never made it to the repair center. Jon demanded a tracking number but said Kay Jewelers wouldn't give it to him because other people's jewelry was in that same missing package.

In a statement, UPS spokesman Mike Mangeot told the Troubleshooter Department the companies are trying to figured out what happened to the rings.

"UPS is actively investigating the missing shipment and our experts are working hard, in conjunction with Kay Jewelers, to try to recover these valuables," Mangeot wrote. "Clearly, this is a regrettable incident and we apologize to Mr. Applegate and his fiancee for their unfortunate experience."

Kay Jewelers director of public relations Kim Kanary also issued a statement.


"Incidents of this type are terribly unfortunate and we take them very seriously," Kanary wrote. "Please be assured that our Loss Prevention team works very closely with the common carrier delivery company involved, as well as local law enforcement on both recovery and responsibility. In addition, when incidents of this type occur, every effort is made to work diligently with each customer to replace their merchandise."

Neither UPS or Kay Jewelers filed a police report on the missing rings When questioned as to why, Kanary referred a reporter to the statement issued by the company, while Mangeot responded "all we know is that the package is missing."

Kay Jewelers refunded the couple's $525 and gave them $1500 in store credit to buy new rings, then and threw in $150 gift certificate for their trouble.

"Actually it's $100 because (the replacement rings) were $1550, so they cut off $50 of our gift card," Jon said.

"Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes," he said with a quiet laugh.

The couple has now decided to return Kay's replacement rings now wanting Lydia to carry a constant reminder of everything they lost.

"You can't put a price on family," Jon said. "You can't put a price on how much you were loved and thought of."

His soon to be bride adding there is only one thing that will fix what's been broken.

"Find our rings," she pleaded. "Just find em."

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