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Council votes for tax abatement for Clifton grocery store


A Cincinnati City Council Budget and Finance committee voted unanimously on Tuesday to grant Goessling Enterprises, LLC a 12-year tax exemption as the company looks to renovate and reopen the former Keller's IGA.

Residents in Clifton are excited and almost relieved to hear the news out of City Hall.

"Hooray," cheered longtime Clinton resident Jim Hurley. "Because the poor man's been trying and we've been waiting two years come January."

Approval of the tax abatement is just the first of many steps needed to push this project along, but it's welcome news to residents who say its impacted much more than grocery shopping.

"It's really been a big change for the stores, because our foot traffic has changed," said Brenda Folz.

She added that many of her friends are shop owners on Ludlow Avenue and they have seen a decrease in business since the store closed.

"It wasn't just a grocery store, it was a social engagement between people," Hurley added. "And it's very important to people on a fixed income and elderly and those of us who chose not to drive."

With the wheels in motion, the store is looking to reopen in the early part of 2013.

"This allows us to get started on the construction," explained consultant Marilyn Hyland. "We've been pushing because we want to get a new roof up before the weather starts because that enables us to really kick off the whole renovation."

"We're really excited about it," Folz added. "We can hardly wait."

City Council approved the tax abatement in a 8-1 vote on Wednesday and the next big step will be to get all of the loans approved.

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