Controversial rape comments in IN senate debate; Mother killed in crash remembered

WAVE 3 News Anchor Janelle MacDonald
WAVE 3 News Anchor Janelle MacDonald

As the election draws near, the comments heat up

Abortion after rape – comments that took only seconds of tonight's Indiana senate debate are causing huge reaction tonight.  We'll bring you up to speed on what Republican Richard Mourdock said, his Democratic challenger Joe Donnelly's response and what it means to the race when you join us tonight for WAVE 3 News at 11.

A Louisville mother of three went out to get some dinner and was killed in a crash.  She was a longtime day care worker and an innocent victim of a man who police say was fleeing from them after a drug investigation.  WAVE 3's Connie Leonard talked to her friends and family.

Plus, we were there as a Southern Indiana mother arrived to reunite with her children, missing for two days after they and their father disappeared.  Hear what her father is saying tonight about the family's ordeal.

We'll see you after Parenthood on NBC for WAVE 3 News at 11!

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