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Casino developers propose 80-foot sign along I-71


Cincinnati's Horseshoe Casino could boast an 80 foot sign aimed at attracting drivers along I-71 to the site. The sign would be placed on Gilbert Avenue.

The casino's owner, Rock Ohio Ceasers Cincinnati LLC presented an application during a zoning hearing Wednesday morning to have the sign approved.

In the application the company argues "its signs are exempt from Cincinnati zoning regulations", but states it is "voluntarily submitting this variance application … in a spirit of cooperation".

The application states the 80 foot sign is needed due to the site's location well below I-71 which it argues sits roughly 70 feet above the casino location.

A senior planner for the City of Cincinnati, after reviewing the application, recommended some of the signage variances be granted, but recommended modifications to other requests. Cincinnati's zoning code currently allows for signs with a maximum height of 16 feet.

"I think that's a good spot for it and it obviously needs some signage," said Sandy Meyer of Mt. Adams.

Meyer has a house on Mount Adams with views of the casino site.

"I don't look out this way all that often, but it looks better than what was there," she told FOX19.

While Meyer says 80 feet seems a little high, she understands its place as a marketing and directional tool for the future casino.

Other Mt. Adams residents reviewed the proposed signage during an association meeting on Tuesday. The association's president tells FOX19 representatives from the casino proactively contacted the group to present their plans. A spokesperson for the casino says Mt. Adams residents will see a side angle of the sign and says it ‘is the minimum height required to safely and efficiently direct vehicular traffic off the highway, along city streets and to the main vehicular entrance'.

Casino representatives say they also met with a community group in Pendleton.

On Prospect Hill, however, some residents see the matter from a different side.

"I think it will be a detractor from the aesthetics of the downtown area," David William's argued.

Williams was not impressed by the design.

"It looks like something from Reno Nevada," he said.

From his perspective on the hill, Williams argues the sign does not fit in the Cincinnati skyline.

"I would recommend that they consider revising the signage, recognizing that they need something for I-71 but something not as imposing," he argued.

The City's Zone Hearing Examiner will make a final decision on the matter within the next ten days.

The Casino is slated to open in the Spring of 2013.

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