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Woman claims racial slurs thrown while voting

An East Texas woman, exercising her constitutional right to vote, claims she was subjected to a belligerent racially charged rant from a fellow voter.

Rusk County resident Lenecia Muckleroy claims attempted voter intimidation, and wants election officials to monitor the conduct of voters. She says she was subjected to racial slurs while voting Tuesday in Henderson.

"I was hurt, I was shocked , I was mad. An older gentleman , white gentleman walked in before me. As I was walking by to get to my voting machine I heard him say I don't need to know all that just tell me what to do to get this (expletive deleted) out of office. He was repeatedly using the n-word," Lenecia says.

She says a second person then started mumbling insults at her, so she went to election officials.

"I threw my hands up just like this and I said ya'll need to do something with them or do I need to come back? And that's when the poll attendant who was helping the older man told me rudely, if you leave your votes not going to count," Muckleroy says.

But election officials say they did not hear the same thing Muckleroy did.

"A gentleman made a comment I'm just going to vote to get the one out, I did not hear any slur, racial slurs. I tried to tell the gentleman you need to keep your comments to yourself. Someone had heard that there was one said in the lobby. If I would have heard it yes I would have been on top of it," says Rusk County election administrator Kathy Wittner.

No action was taken, though there is a code of conduct.

"We have signs posted in the voting room and the lobby and the front door that state please refrain from expressing your political opinion," Wittner says.

In the end, Muckleroy got the last word.

"I said a quick prayer and did what I had to do. I voted," she says.

Miss Muckleroy has now been contacted by the NAACP, who intend to meet with her about the incident.

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