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Tour bus cameras show crash as it unfolded

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's the video that gives us a front row seat to a scary Kentucky bus crash that made headlines.

The New Image Travel bus flipped jolting 55 students and adults from their seats. 

An attorney for some of the crash victims said, it clearly shows the driver was at fault.

A frantic 911 call in June came from a scared group of Hart County, Kentucky students and chaperones. "We're in a wreck on a charter bus and we're turned over sideways, " said the caller.

"Whenever we were flipping, " one student remembered, "It was like slow motion."

A parent on the bus recalled, "I knew immediately, we weren't going to make the curve."

The students and parents who were supposed to be headed to the nation's capitol spoke about their nightmare bus ride this summer. Now, cameras on the bus are letting us see and hear what they went through.

The video shows the New Image Travel bus taking a curve on a country road at more than 50 miles per hour.

Attorney Mike Breen said, "The video's alarming and it shows the driver is speeding on a rural road that he had never been on before," Breen continued, "It shows he only has one hand on the steering wheel and for some reason he keeps on looking down to his left as he goes along."

"It looked like the driver was maybe over driving the road," commented John Miller, President of Miller Transportation in Louisville.

He said after seeing the video, he believes the driver probably hit a soft shoulder going a little too fast.

He said, he thought about that same stretch of road recently when his company had a group pick up there, "I remember seeing it on the schedule and then pulling it up on the map and seeing the conditions, that was a lot of bus for that little road." Miller said he warned his driver to use extra caution and even sent a shorter bus, than the type that crashed.

"There's a lot of things that could have prevented this accident," Miller explained, "One would have been a different driver or talking to that driver and tell him the difficult situation that he was going into or use a different piece of equipment."

He said while the camera systems are great for finding out details of what happened, he believes it's all about crash prevention and the right pairings for each ride so, what happened to the Hart county passengers, won't happen to his.

Miller said brand new buses have safety enhancements like seat belts at every position and tire pressure monitors thanks to the Motor Coach Enhanced Safety Act that passed this year.

The bus company involved in the crash has settled with some of the plaintiffs.

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